Customs brokerage services

Our company carries out fast customs clearance, which meets high standards with competitive prices. At present, the following customs brokerage services are carried out by the professional specialists of our company certified by the State Customs Committee, who work at the airport and in the offices located near the Main Customs Office of Baku:


  • Compilation of short e-declarations of import
  • Compilation of customs declarations
  • Import / export customs clearance service
  • Transit clearance
  • Preparation of cargo transport and customs documents (CMR, TIR CARNET and other) for export / import customs clearance
  • Clearance of cargo on the basis of various customs regimes (temporary import/export, warehouse mode, temporary storage, re-export and import) in accordance with the law
  • Identification of Customs codes of goods
  • Informing the customer about customs duties and taxes before the goods are imported
  • Consulting services
  • Customs Laboratory Service